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Jewellery is a classic exquisite present which will never lose its relevance. “Talisman” shop network has been selling gold, silver and natural stone jewelleries for more than 16 years. We work directly with over 20 jewellery production plants. Apart from mass produced articles, our shops sell the national-style original works of Kazakhstan jewellers. “Talisman” jeweller's workshop sells custom-tailored jewellery. At “Talisman” shop network you can find:

  • Wedding and engagement rings
  • Gold and silver chains and bracelets
  • Jewelleries with diamonds, sapphires, rubies and other stones
  • Coral and pearl beads, earrings, rings and pendants
  • Beads made of amber, malachite, cornelian, amethyst and other stones
  • National-style designer’s jewelleries

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