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Painting is one of the most ancient forms of the art. The first color images of animals are dated back to AD 30 000 – 10 000. Painting reflects a life, culture, traditions and folk customs. “Talisman” shop sees a support and development of Kazakhstan painters as one of its missions. Our shop network sells the pictures of painters who use the entirely different styles and genres. Painting on canvas is only a part of goods which you could see at our shops. You can find here the paintings from leather, wood, images on the stones and felt, patchwork embroideries, batik and many other things. Among the oil-paintings, you can find here:

  • Cityscapes with Astana views
  • Natural landscapes representing a beauty of south and north regions of Kazakhstan
  • Creative abstract painting of Kazakh culture in national style
  • Classical still life
  • Paintings for children’s room in national style

Painting is a major unique element of art which can decorate your house or office. 

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