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Kazakh national clothing and footwear

National Kazakh clothing represent the aesthetic ideals, culture, traditions and customs of the people. Kazakh national dress sewn from soft and comfortable body materials:velour, velvet, felt. Graceful, winding ornament and embroidery are always on the clothing, footwear, headgear of Kazakhs. Standard colors of garments are blue, burgundy and green. Pattern usually sewn in vivid shades of gold or silver. You will find traditional Kazakh attire for every taste in the store chain:

  • Women's coats, fur and feltjackets, chapans
  • Men's chapans and vests
  • Children's costumes for girls and boys
  • Hats: skullcap, malakhai, kalpaks, hats, caps
  • HandmadeShoes fromfelt: slippers, baby booties, galoshes, boots
  • Accessories: scarves, bags, belts, mitts, gloves

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